Medical Information To Empower People


With a BSc. in Public Health, Marketing, Post Grad in Teaching and over 20 years of working in the healthcare industry, I am passionate about improving health literacy in Australia.


I love listening to podcasts and have found them to be an excellent resource for my own personal and professional development. Sadly, we are often not educating ourselves on medical topics until ourselves or a loved one is sick. So I thought it would be important to produce a medical podcast for people that communicates credible medical information in a way people can understand. As well as, create a space where we can hear from patients and share their medical struggles and triumphs. So, people can share and learn from each others medical journey's to inspire and impart their knowledge to help others.


We are so time deprived nowadays, a podcast seemed to be a great way of communicating medical information to people that can work in with our busy schedules.

I have been blessed to meet and work alongside very talented  medical specialists and health professionals who have so much knowledge to share to help others to live healthier and happier lives. With greater knowledge of our health we can all work together to prevent chronic diseases and be more empowered to make medical decisions that are best for ourselves and our family as well as, show greater empathy with one another by being better informed.





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