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  • D Watkins


Having worked over 20 years in the healthcare industry I consider myself very lucky to have met some wonderful medical and healthcare professionals who have taught me a lot about the human body and the human condition.

I feel if I was ever in a situation whereby I was conscious and needed to make some serious medical decisions, my knowledge of the industry, trusted networks and basic understanding of human physiology would help me to make an informed "choice" regarding ongoing management.

Not everyone is as lucky.

Careers outside of the healthcare industry exist (amazingly!) and often people are blindsided if an emergency necessitates making a life-changing decision. Suddenly, even the strongest of individuals is stressed and left to feel extremely vulnerable and completely overwhelmed. Due to the pressures of modern society and our endless search for the most convenient, quick, fast and cheap fix, it's normal to refer to "Dr Google" over actually seeking advice and assistance from an individual who actually went to university for a bloody long time!

Introducing MediTALK .

MediTALK is about creating a podcast to better educate us all on issues which affect our health; mental, physical, environmental, the minor, the major and every blister and health insurance scam going around. It's about being given the correct advice from someone who is qualified to offer such advice. Nothing is sugar coated or made to sound glamorous. It's about creating a healthcare-medical community you can trust to provide locally resourced and understandable information. MediTALK will put you in touch with the leaders in their field, knowledgeable, and Australian. All whilst you are stuck in traffic, sitting on the train or dropping the kids off to their fourth sports practice of the week. And it's only Tuesday!

That being said, navigating our way to find medical professionals can be quite difficult at the best of times so why not listen to a medical podcast which is produced in Australia for Australian patients when doing your own medical research on a topic of interest.  Who do you trust? What information is correct? Where to go? Who should I see or talk too? Why not start by listening to a podcast on a medical topic that interests you? That may be able to help you or a family member or a friend better understand a medical condition you may suffer from or have been recently diagnosed? The days of reading pamphlets at a GP practice is happening less frequently as we do the majority of our research online; searches on Dr Google is an every day, every hour occurrence.

Did you know 1 in 20 searches on Google are health related?

Unfortunately though, internet searching medical conditions can lead ourselves to misdiagnose, mistreat and misinform ourselves and others in the process causing increased anxiety and stress.  This led me to create an Aussie Medical Patient Community where I am lucky to interview and ask for advice from Australian doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and the general community who are versed, educated and happy to share their knowledge with us. Sharing knowledge is power and by talking about the diagnosis of medial conditions, treatments, and referring back to my first point, what is important to consider when a medical emergency arises and a life and death decision needs to be made. These decisions will never be easy but if someone feels a little less vulnerable and a little more knowledgeable, then the decision and emotions therein, are hopefully a bit easier. We can take care of ourselves so we can take care of our families. We trust in our ability to makes decisions about our families, our quality of life is enhanced.

Take a moment out of your day and listen to a MediTALK podcast and join our health education journey together so we all make better medical and healthcare choices for ourselves and our families.


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